Almonds and Wine

This film brings a Yiddish folk song to life, as the animated journey of a young bride and groom from Eastern Europe to North America is set to rollicking klezmer music. Fleeing the threat of war, the couple arrive in Canada, establish a new life together and hand down their traditions to the generations that follow. Produced, directed and animated by Arnie Lipsey.

The Crow and the Canary

An animated true story. A young boy gets in trouble harassing the neighbourhood grouch. When the old man complains to the boy’s father, he’s told a parable that puts his complaint in perspective. Produced, directed and animated by Arnie Lipsey. Narrated by the filmmaker’s father.

Two short animated films, produced years apart.

Shown extensively at international film festivals, they each earned a degree of critical recognition.

Festivals and Awards

Almonds and Wine:

The Crow and the Canary: