Arnie Lipsey


Arnie Lipsey was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, and graduated from The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts School of Art and Design. Upon graduation, he moved to Toronto, where he had a decades long career in animation, for both film and television. Working in classical animation using pencil and paper, he later made a successful transition to digital technologies. During those years, he augmented his commercial output with independent filmmaking.

Artist’s Statement

After a career in animation for film and television, I've returned to my first artistic passion – painting. In my work, I use elements of narrative and portraiture to explore questions of identity, family history and hidden psychological motivation. My paintings often use old black and white family snap shots as a point of departure for this exploration of underlying truth. Through the use of acrylics, I can have the freedom to invent whatever colour works best to enhance and transform the original source material, and hopefully produce images that mine symbolism and nostalgia, without being either overtly symbolic or primarily nostalgic.


In addition to paintings and figure drawings, I've also included two independently produced films that I worked on between commercial engagements.

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